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It’s a place where you can be “You” and transcend all your limitations to discover the “New You”, the you which is unknow to you & the world outside.

About Us

Om Namah Shivay,

We warmly greet you to SHIVATMAY PARIVAR.

At Shivatmay, we help you in rediscovering a new ‘You’. The ‘You’ which is unknown to you & to the world outside, we help you realize your genuine desires and true potentials.

We believe, that people outside are living a life that is controlled by the others, the majority of us spends most of our lives fearing people’s opinions & judgments about us. In order to ‘Live Up’ to the expectations of others, we forget to Live, Laugh, Love & Cherish the greatest gift that God has blessed us with in the form of LIFE.

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Most of us spends our lives fearing people’s opinions & judgments about us, we give the key of our happiness into the hands of others and live our lives in order to please others. We at Shivatmay believe in breaking this conventional norm of living life & dwell a sense of selflove among our followers wherein we want them to “Take Charge of their lives” and live for themselves, because we adherently believe in “Take Charge & Live Large” philosophy of living life.


  • Varun Juneja

    Thank You Shivatmay, for transforming & touching lives, your programs are abstractly & organically designed to enrich the lifestyle.

    Varun Juneja
  • Muskan Kaur

    An organization with a beautiful vision towards mankind with the most sustainable & affordable healthcare.

    Muskan Kaur
  • Minkal Rathore

    Shivatmay has made me realize that being health is choice & not an option, my depression, anxiety & blood sugar levels improved drastically to normal by doing their breathing exercise in just few days. Thank You Shivatmay for utmost care & compassion.

    Minkal Rathore
  • Supria Gupta

    Shivtamay feels like an extended family & a home away from home. Thank You for this initiative, it feels good to help people around.

    Supria Gupta