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Shri Kulday Dadi Mandir is about 450 years old which is a Holy place for all Mahipals. This has five different temples of Shri Radha Krishna, Maa Bhawani, Bhagwan Shiv and Bajarang Bali. This holy place is well known as Sati Dadi Mandir or Kutiya. There are thousands of Mahipal bhakts of Dadiji throughout the world. All of them participate in the progress of the temple, equally well. The main purpose of this site is to integrate all Bhakts of Dadiji who are not able to come Bhadra but have great interest in dadiji. So please keep in touch with each and every member of this sweet Mahipal Family. Now I request you to say ‘Jai Dadi Ki’ before closing and opening this site.

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This has five temples of Radha Krishna, Bhawani.


This Temple of Shri kulday Dadiji is such a good place.


Mahipals are very caring in case of there traditions.


About 45 years ago, there was a ‘Garbhgrah’ only.


1. Dhoye dhoye aangana me aao mhara dadiji


As we all know that native place of Mahipal`s is Mahipalpur and long long ago our Dadaji and Dadiji were living in Mahipalpur. No exact history is recommended but it is heard from upper generation that there are two stories behind Dadiji. These are known as Dant Kathas. According to the first story, Dadaji needed to leave Mahipalpur because of some reason. Father of dadaji was going through Hissar while leaving Mahipalpur. He was a very great and wise person. He was well famed for his wisdom.

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Mahipal Parivar is related to Garg gautra of Aggerwal samaj. Native place of this society is Mahipalpur that is located near Palam airport of Delhi. Mahipals are growing not only in India but the whole world also. ‘Kuldevi’ of Mahipals is ‘Bhagwati Kulday Dadi’. Historical temple of this society is ‘Shri Kulday Dadi Mandir’. This temple is located at Bhadra which is almost 450 years old. Other main temples of Dadi-ji are also in Hissar, Sirsa and Kalwas. Kalwas is 13 kms away from Hissar and 68 kms away from Bhadra. Traditional values in Mahipals are very much secured. It can be seen from the fact that Mahipals plays there customs in front of Dadiji Mandir. Some of them are ‘Mundan Sanskar’, ‘Abchhad’, ‘Chhad’ etc.